Welcome & First Blog Prompt

Hello and welcome to Social Media Networking, or, as I like to call it, Culture and Social Media Technologies! Your first assignment is a warm-up to get you thinking about cultural practices and norms around social media networking.

The prompt question is, What is your social media pet peeve, the online behavior that annoys you above all others?

In explaining your peeve, you might want to think about why it bothers you so much. You might try to come up with an offline analogy to this behavior, and reflect on whether that bothers you the same amount or if there’s something especially annoying about it online. You might search for previous discussions of this behavior and quote from/link to them. You should also think about how the concepts from the Anthropological Introduction to YouTube and the assigned readings might help you to make sense of this behavior and why it bothers you.

Your post must be published by the midnight before class on Monday, September 16, 2013. Remember to tag your post with “blogpost1” and your group name.


This and all future blog posts will be evaluated based on the following criteria (which are linked here for future reference):

Substantive response to the questions posed by the prompt (10 points)
your post demonstrates that you have read carefully and have taken the time to learn the relevant concepts from the course, and to apply those concepts meaningfully to any examples discussed in your post.

Proper attribution/trackbacks (3 points)
any time you reference the words or ideas of another individual, your post links back to where you found them. this means linking back to your classmates’ posts if you reference them, and it definitely means including links to any online material you discuss in your own posts. if you refer to the ideas of an author, say someone we read in class, it’s always a good idea to hyperlink to their online presence (e.g. their website or Twitter account). this helps people notice your writing, and builds you good will around the web. for our purposes, it’s better to hyperlink too much than not enough.

Adequate length (3 points)
your post is at least 750 words long. it should not exceed 1000 words.

Proofreading for grammar, spelling, formatting (3 points)
your post is proofread. this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be as formal as you would be in an academic paper (notice the lack of capitalization here), but you should be consistent so that it is clear to your reader you didn’t just neglect to fix your mistakes. this also means you should make sure your post looks good when published (e.g. images are positioned well, there are spaces between paragraphs, any section headings are bolded, etc.).

Multimedia illustration (with sources) (2 points)
everyone likes pictures – include them where appropriate, but make sure you link them back to their original source (or give the source credit in your post). you can either make the image itself into a hyperlink, or provide a hyperlinked list of image sources at the end of your post. linking to a Google image search results page doesn’t count – figure out who should get credit as the source of the image and link to that person or entity! you may also decide to include video or audio clips. same sourcing policy applies.

Appropriate tags (2 points)
your post includes, at minimum, one tag for your blogging group and one tag for the post topic (which will be provided in the prompt). these should be consistent with everyone else in your group. the purpose of this is so that you can easily find all of your groupmates’ posts when it comes time to write your required responses, and so that we can easily find your posts when it comes time to grade them! you don’t need to use hash marks (#) when tagging in wordpress.

Originality, creative flair, and unique insight (2 points)
have fun writing your posts and make them fun to read! say something that only you can say and make your voice stand out. strive to make your personality, passions, and intellectual authority come across clearly to the reader, no matter what you’re writing about.


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