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Second Blog Prompt

Your second blog post should reflect on the contemporary popular discourse around online social networking, with a focus on social ties and/or self-presentation. As a starting point for your post, find a recent (within the last month) example from popular media discourse (e.g. a blog post, a magazine article, a tv clip, etc.). These are some hypothetical example articles. You could […]

May your life someday be as awesome as you pretend it is on Facebook

For many of us, social networking’s sole purpose has been to communicate and keep in touch with your friends from near and far. However, some of us have been using social media networking to shape or mold our identities into something that is more glamorous and exciting to our online social circle. One of my […]

The Misappropriation of the .gif file

To be honest, I wasn’t even actively thinking of ideas for my first blog post until this one hit me. I was perusing my Facebook feed (as I’m likely to do on a Thursday night when I should be doing homework) and I came upon a link to an article posted by one of my […]

Is across the room considered long-distance?

We, the people of Facebook, all share very similar issues with the website. More importantly, we all share very similar pet peeves about Facebook’s users. There is the selfie queen, the friend who seems in a dark place, the Spotify user, and that one person who hasn’t discovered Twitter yet. Oversharing is the main problem. However, my […] not Caring

It seems that nowadays, almost every conversation could be related back to various social media platforms. For example, these are just a few of many conversations I’ve heard and personally had with those around me:   “Oh my, wait, they’re dating? How’d you find out?” “They made it Facebook official yesterday.”   *Laughter* “What’s so […]

How to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes

Ever looked at your Facebook news feed and saw a status or a picture that was clearly screaming “PLEASE GIVE ME ATTENTION AND LIKE MY POST!”? Ever felt like you had no friends because only your mom and your boyfriend liked your profile picture? Well you’re not alone, and it’s obvious. “Liking” posts on Facebook The […]


After I left home to start the new semester of school this year, the first text I got from my sister read short and blunt: “go like my insta.” My 17-year old sister is a prime example of a classic Instagram addict – she wakes up with her iPhone already in hand and spends the […]