TMI and I could Care Less

“In the bathroom…” / “Having Coffee” / “Can’t Sleep”………

My social media pet peeve arose from the simple fact that I sincerely do not care about the play by play of your typical everyday life. Why do I need to know when you are going to the bathroom, waking up or having coffee or going to the gym or even just bored at home? And I know I am not the only one who feels this way because there is even a group on Facebook Group against this.Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.59.27 AM

Why do we even now feel the dying need to post videos of ourselves “Sitting On Tha Toilet” 

I can promise you, no one wants, or NEEDS to see you singing on a toilet…. NO ONE!

Originally when Facebook did not have the chat setting many would feel the need to post their statuses updating their friends and followers on their daily lives…“going to the mall” “bored at home” “sleeping”… and the list goes on and on. Assuming that everyone was dying to know where they were and what they were doing, but if they were really interested they would have just texted or called you, as opposed to checking your status.

CNN has come up with a list of “The 12 most annoying type of Facebookers” and to no surprise as the clear number one slot winner comes the “The Let-Me-Tell-You-Every-Detail-of-My-Day Bore”.

In my opinion we many times take for granted and over use the sites that were originally meant for the sharing of particular things with friends and family. Especially with those who could not be present, or were too far geographically to experience these things with us. A statement similar to the one made by Don Slater in his article “Social Relationships and Identity Online and Offline” when he talks about the use of social media as a way to break the geographic barrier we face in the offline world today.

The occasional picture, status, and maybe even a location citing here or there can be appropriate as a tool of letting those you have no other way of reaching know what you have been doing lately. But seriously, no one needs nor wants to know when you’re going to the bathroom or are showering or are taking a nap.

GQ featured “18 People You’re scared Of on Facebook”, one of them…

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 11.11.02 AM

Congratulations, you just took away 5 seconds of my life I will never get back by telling me a pointless and unnecessary detail about your day…

With our use of social media today however, we not only post statuses about what we are doing but have taken this public display of everyday life to a whole new and in my opinion ridiculous level. We now have the ability sign into our current locations, post pictures of the food we are about to eat, or even post a video of the cab ride we just took. But why? Why would people want everyone to know everything they do in the day?

Why would people even care?

Do we think they care?


As I tried to dissect all of this ridiculousness, I couldn’t help but wonder if the people who post their day by day actions, interactions and experiences do so in the hopes of gaining popularity, like that of a celebrity.

An attention seeker or TMI user is what I have decided to call them. But I also enjoy the name and description provided by Urban Dictionary, coining the term “Status Whore”

“One who practices putting out constant updates about their mundane lives via facebook, twitter, or myspace. Not to be confused with a status slut: one who comments on statuses but doesn’t actually put out anything”.

We live in a society that is yearning to know what their favorite celebrities are doing, who they are doing it with and why they are doing it. We are constantly refreshing our twitters and tumblrs in the hopes of finding a status that tells us what our idol celebrity is up to today. Whether it be drinking an iced venti coffee with soy (which you will now order exactly the same) or having brunch with their family in soho (where you will now go an proceed to stalk them…), but let be real here we are not all celebrities.


We are not all Kim Kardashians, Aston Kutchers, Lady Gagas, or Lebron James’. We don’t have a TV show or work in the film industry, music industry or have won a Basketball championship lately… so why do we try to be? And when I say try… I really mean fail… because let me ask you this: when have you ever seen anyone of the stars mentioned above post “brb, bathroom”? NEVER! That’s because what they tweet / post / or write about, although constant, is truly relevant to their job.

Unlike Sally from across the block who at most has 700 Facebook friends and no more than 30 are interested in her TMI posts.

Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets are not platforms for attention, to fill with unnecessary information, but instead platforms for recognition. Especially from those we have already connected with in the offline world but have no other way of reaching other than through the online.

Our friends want to see pictures, adventures and great times missed, but are not interested in knowing when we pee, eat, drink or sleep, and our spamming their news feed with pointless details will eventually make them want to be our friend just a little bit less….


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