Second Blog Prompt

Your second blog post should reflect on the contemporary popular discourse around online social networking, with a focus on social ties and/or self-presentation. As a starting point for your post, find a recent (within the last month) example from popular media discourse (e.g. a blog post, a magazine article, a tv clip, etc.). These are some hypothetical example articles. You could even choose one of the pet peeve posts written by one of your CSMT13 classmates, provided it is related to social ties or self-presentation. After very briefly summarizing the example, provide a critical (and respectful) response to it which addresses following questions: How do the theories and analytical tools offered by our course authors help you to interpret (or even refute) the information and perspectives presented? What do you think about the way in which this story is presented? How might the story  have been presented differently? Do you think it should have been presented differently, based on what you’ve learned in this course so far?

Your post should follow the regular blogging instructions. I expect that you’ll need to draw on at least 2-3 of the assigned course readings in this post, though you may of course use more as you see fit.

For examples of excellent blogpost1’s to inspire you, see Anna‘s “There’s a Time and a Cyberspace” and Jasmine‘s “#NeverForget (Us) — Brands.”

Your post must be published by the midnight before class on Monday, October 7 , 2013. Remember to tag your post with “blogpost2″ and your group name.


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