Daily Archives: October 5, 2013

Social Ties and Employment: Best Friends or Acquaintances?

A friend of mine was able to get startup funding to the tune of $1M by responding to a simple Tweet from Richard Branson. One. Million. Dollars. She then went on to run her company and recently was acquired for a pretty good sum of money..all before she was able to drink. This isn’t necessarily […]

Social Networked Birthdays

In an article titled The Socially Networked Birthday from the Huffington Post, author Rachel Levy Lesser discusses what it means to have a birthday on social media.  Lesser states, “Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg (or the Winklevoss twins, depending on which way you see it), birthdays have become a strange stroll down memory lane for so […]

Is Facebook Depressing?

“Science proves Facebook is a major downer”, reads the title of a recent article posted on Salon.con. In this article, writer Tavis Riddle explains how a new scientific study indicates a correlation between Facebook usage and a negative affect. Essentially, Travis argues, online interaction is not as satisfying as “real” social contact, leading people to […]