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Social Media Manners

Social Media Manners Mary M. Mitchell’s article “Friending the boss on Facebook: Fun of foolish?” discusses what we look like online, and how to give off a good impression.  First impressions are very important online and offline.  It is no longer enough to be a “people person” offline; we must be able to correspond well […]

Getting Too Caught Up in the Performance

After putting herself through a 40-day social media detox, Glennon Melton concluded that social media was negatively affecting the way she saw herself and the way she was living her life. She wrote about her experience on her blog, Momastery, in an article called “5 Reasons Why Social Media is Dangerous for Me” that was […]

The FoMO is Real.

A social phenomenon known as FoMO, Fear of Missing Out, is increasingly becoming a commonality in this day and age of computers and social media. Studies have shown that students who saw more pictures on Facebook of their friends partying were more inclined to participate in these activities themselves. The study also says that “these […]

The Great Pretender

In Charlotte Alter‘s article for Time magazine, she discusses the findings of a study published by the University of Pennsylvania regarding the type of language different genders use on Facebook. The researchers conducting the study was interested in finding out whether computer analysis of the type of language used on Facebook statuses could reveal the […]

Are Your “Strong Ties” Getting Weaker?

Two weeks ago, my classmate Christine Perez Soler blogged about her biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media- the “Seen At…” feature in Facebook chat. Christine critiqued Facebook’s addition to their messaging tool, arguing that it forces the user into uncomfortable situations, taking away the ability to “leisurely read messages without the added […]

“Please – It’s all about popular!”

In one of the most iconic songs from Wicked, “Popular,” Galinda the green witch insists on helping her friend Elphaba become popular. She sings: “Please – It’s all about popular! It’s not about aptitude, it’s the way you’re viewed, so it’s very shrewd to be very, very popular – like me!” This was the exact line […]


In today’s world, social media is utterly impossible to escape. Not only is social media addicting and multiplying in importance, it is subject to intense debate over just how social it makes us and what we potentially lose the closer we come to define our offline social life based on our online network. In Joe […]