Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

Instagram – Under-sharing, Identity, and the marriage of Tech & Society

Arguably one of the most actively used forms of social media in today’s society , Instagram has become a culture in its own right. According to Mike Byrne of Conde Nast’s GQ, this culture comes with some unspoken rules about how to present oneself in a way in which translates in a positive manner. In his […]

Colleague? Friend? Do I Know You?

Going to New York University, I have heard more than ever it is not about how qualified you are when it comes to getting a job, but who you know. “Its all about connections,” my friends say, “your internships and your connections are all that matter.”  This is often talking about positions in the Fashion […]

Now Imagine You Are a CEO…

The formation of the ‘self’ – one’s personal and unique identity – has always been an integral part of human nature; however, while this concept remains stable, the way people go about constructing and producing their ideal versions of self have evolved. Politicians throughout time have dealt with this notion.  Always being in the public […]