Third Blog Prompt

For this post, you may choose one of two options:

Option 1: Make some drastic changes in your social media presence on one specific platform. For example, you might change your profile information, the way you present yourself in your photos, the style/content of your status updates, and so on. After making these changes, keep track of what happens over the next few days. How does your network react? Do you feel discomfort making these changes to your profile, or relief at changing them back? Notice if any system-level content changes for you – for example, do you start seeing different kinds of advertisements or suggested contacts? After keeping track of your observations and experiences, write a blog post in which you summarize and attempt to explain the most interesting ones. Your blog post should go beyond mere description–you must bring in theories/concepts from the assigned readings that help to make sense of your experiences.

Option 2: Choose a public figure (e.g. celebrity, politician, etc.) who has a prominent social media presence and analyze their identity performance on one specific platform. Your blog post should go beyond mere description of the celebrity’s performance–you should use the theories/concepts from the readings to try to explain why they present themselves in the way they do.

Further instructions

Whichever option you choose, you should provide visual evidence (e.g. screenshots) along with your written explanations to convey your points. If these screenshots include individuals who are not public figures, please take care to anonymize them (blur their names/photos).

You should strive to make your post as closely tied to course material as possible. In other words, someone should be able to read your post and get a good idea of what we have learned so far about performing identity on social media. As with the last post, you should draw on at least 2-3 assigned readings in your analysis.

Your post will be evaluated using the general blog rubric which you can find on the Assignment Instructions page.

Your post must be published by the midnight before class on Monday, November 4 , 2013. Remember to tag your post with “blogpost3″ and your group name.



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