Fourth (optional) Blog Prompt

In the second half of the semester, we are covering a variety of phenomena that strongly relate to current events and public discussions (e.g. youth media use, sexting, cyberbullying, hate speech, political memes, privacy and surveillance, etc.). Obviously, our readings were written before the events and discussions that we are seeing currently in the news. In this post, you should choose a reading (or set of readings) and imagine that you have been asked to help the author(s) update the article in light of recent events or discussions. How would you address the current events/discussions using the author’s framework? Would the framework need to be altered to accommodate the new information, or do you think the author’s analysis still applies fully?

You only need to reference one assigned course reading, though you may refer to more than one if you wish. You should also reference online sources that illustrate or describe the events and discussions on which you base your post.

Your post will be evaluated using the general blog rubric which you can find on the Assignment Instructions page. If you are satisfied with your performance on the first three blog assignments, you do not need to complete this assignment. If you do choose to complete this one, you are not guaranteed to get a higher score on it than on your first three posts. Professor P-S will only use your top three scores to calculate your blogging grade.

Your post must be published by the midnight before class on Monday, November 18 , 2013. Remember to tag your post with “blogpost4″ and your group name.


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