“How Not to Suck at Social Media” Notes

This book only scratches the surface of how to use social media. As a regular user, I felt like I did not gain too much from reading it. It definitely is meant for those who are unfamiliar with social media. The author successfully gives instructions on how to create an account on multiple social media platforms. He demonstrates a social constructionist perspective through his message of how social media should be used as a way to increase the social capital of businesses and reinforce their image.

If the author were to write a new edition, I would suggest going more in depth with what each of the social media platforms can offer. Rather than just telling us what the platform is meant for and step by steps, tell us effective or creative ways businesses can use its different features to build its image.

Why businesses suck at social media:

  • automatic tweets using Twitter aPI = impersonal

  • social media = networking, not marketing channel

4 Goals for businesses on social media:

  1. not suck

  2. engage with current & prospective customers

  3. build “tribe”

  4. to network

Major points:

  • Username choice is important – consistency is key

  • separate personal from business

  • never heavily promote

  • bring value content-wise to followers

  • find balance in what you post and how much you post

Class concepts that tie:

  • front stage and back stage

  • social ties (particularly weak and latent)

  • self-branding

  • free labor

twitterhandle: @tinay0616


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