“How to not suck at social media” Notes


  • When it comes to social media- take off your marketing hat. Put on your networking hat.
  • Social Media started way back, pre chat forums was BBS (Bulletin Board Systems)
  • If you don’t try to sell immediately when you enter a room full of strangers, why do so over the internet


1. To not suck

2. To engage with current and prospective customers

*Customers: anyone that you want to be interested in your business, your cause, or blog

  • – These are individuals who will follow and benefit your business, and will vary in status depending on your field (reader/promoter/buyer)
  • – Treat them like friends

3. To build your “tribe”

  • A measure of how successful you are on social media, amount of people who you have influence on across social media channels
  • can be build a tribe by retweeting, posting, liking, interacting on various social media platforms

4. To network

– Facebook , Twitter – should have matching profiles for ease of use/ succinct

  • Google +- while not the most users at the moment, helps increase SEO, good practice for authorship when releasing content
  • Youtube- screencast via software programs, another method of releasing content
  • Pinterest- business account lets you connect with those in the same industry, occassionally sponsorping pins increases visual representation
  • Instagram/Yelp: important to incorporate business with some personal resources, to share influences for followers as well as potential customers

Key Tactics:

Separate you, the person from you, the business/blogger

 Don’t heavily promote your business to current social network

  • let them know once or twice that a business account exists, but unless they follow the account by their own means, stop promoting

Don’t heavily promote your personal life to followers of your business blog

  • Especially if it has to do with politics or religion- what’s appropriate between friends may not seem like a joke to others

Never Use the Hard-Sell

Hard-sell is sleazy but seems to generate results in sales-

Social Media is about forming relationships, that will lead to success in business- don’t destroy your social media channel network by hard-selling

Show Interest In Your Followers

Bring Value to Your Followers- finding/sharing news that your users might appreciate, contributing to ongoing discussion

Share Just A Little Bit Of You, The Person- balance and moderation is needed to maintain personal level of privacy- can be as simple as sharing a bit of your recent vacation

Post frequently, but don’t overdo it

Suggests using feeds and programs to filter through content: Buffer, RSS, Flipboard etc



Malcom McCutcheon introduces a very watered down version of social media for business. One that may be more useful for those over the age of 50 trying to get involved in the digital trend but would otherwise be considered common-sense to active users of the social media platforms. He does, however, mention a couple of key points worth exploring in a marketing perspective.

McCutcheon emphasizes the need to build a connection with the prospective audience- a level of engagement. To discusses that “hard-selling”, while generates results in short-term would not be sufficient for social media. Though social media creates an accessible platform for networking, one still needs to connect with others through activity. McCutcheon, however, never goes into detail as to reasons for his statements, nor does he offer successful examples for reference. These would be some questions that I plan to look into for the book review.


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