How to NOT Suck at Social Media- Notes

“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” by Malcom McCutcheon

This book is about convincing businesses to use social media the right way. It is a guide for businesses and how they should use the different platforms.

The approach that the author used in this book can be understood through social shaping. The author explains the rights to use social media for your businesses as well as how these platforms can enhance your marketing initiatives if used correctly.

The audience for this book is businesses that are taking their first step on to social media. It seems like it is for mostly new businesses, but could also be used for old businesses that want to break into this space.


  • I don’t think Malcom McCutcheon wrote this book to make money. He also didn’t care how well it was written. He wrote this book for credibility since he is the owner of a marketing firm.
  • He explains how to sign up for different social media networking sites
  • Differentiates between managing personal and business social media networking accounts
  • Provides strategies to use, especially on Twitter and blogging
  • Suggest for businesses to be interactive on social media networking sites. Commenting/liking/retweeting
  • Talks about Google+ and the importance of this platform when blogging
  • Talks about the importance of understanding your audience on each social media networking site
  • Your content should be appropriate for your audience
  • The importance of your business name on social media. Should be easy to spell and remember



  1. Weak ties/strong ties/latent tiesà Baym
  2. Social groomingà
  3. Technology and surveillanceà “Who’s Watching Whom? A Study of Interactive Technology & Surveillance”
  4. Taste statements/authenticity à Liu
  5. Front stage/back stage/impression managementà Goffman
  6. Self-branding à Banet Weiser

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