Instagram Power Notes

Major ideas

  • explains how to use Instagram in general
  • covers how marketers can use Instagram as a powerful marketing tool for their businesses
  • brief, appropriate, & memorable content will help ones brand
  • use of Instagram for author’s own company, Liberty Jane Clothing

Why Instagram? 

  • Simple, fast, efficient way to reach customers & consumers via mobile platform
  • Longevity: images are conveniently stored all in the same format; can be accessed whenever
  • Works well for physical product sellers, digital product sellers, service providers
  • Ability to show a personal side, or a “behind-the-scenes” look behind a brand
  • Generates a community of “followers” through the use of hashtags, comments, etc.


  • Geared towards businesses that offer a physical product/media
  • Older generation, not too knowledgeable about how to integrate social media as an effective way to share & promote their products/brand
  • People who are only focused on learning about the marketing perspective of Instagram

Relevant Topics to CSMT

  • Social shaping (Baym) – we control what we produce through the technology [when/what to post], but only as much as the technology will allow us
  • Backstage/Frontstage (Goffman) – idea that the front stage is the place where “actors” are vulnerable to the “audience,” aka the public. backstage= protected self
  • Authenticity (Giddens) – what it means to be authentic in the digital world
  • Labor (Terranova) – Provides “immaterial labor”: by participating in Instagram (and specifically, on a brand’s page), one is offering service and helping a company gather data
  • ATTENTION ECONOMY (Shifman) – the success behind one’s Instagram profile is determined by likes, comments, etc… How can you attract users to come to your profile? 

Key points for marketers

  • Advertising should be embraced, but one should remember the following:
  1. target audience
  2. photography techniques
  3. language & grammar
  4. appropriateness [example of #Cairo on p.33]
  • Instagram is a powerful tool to showcase & develop a brand/company through images
  • “Power of free”: giveaways, contests, coupons
  • AIDA method: attention, interest, desire, action

Personal Opinion 

This book gives a thorough explanation of Instagram and how it can be a successful marketing tool for companies if used the correct ways. Although it is definitely informative, it fails to address social norms and how to attract the generation most familiar with Instagram- teens & young adults. In addition, I do not feel like the author’s personal examples were good enough to explain his points. There are many other brands (large and small) that have a much stronger presence on Instagram than his own, and he fails to use them to help readers understand the do’s and don’ts of mobile marketing. All in all, Instagram Power breaks down the ways that one could utilize Instagram for marketing purposes, but is only targeted to an older audience.

p. 120: targeted audience [this section could have been more specific]


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