Instagram Power Notes

Background of the Book:

  • Jason Miles, co-author of Pinterest Power
  • Twitter Handle of Author: @mrjasonmiles
  • Focuses on how business and companies could use Instagram to market and promote their brands more efficiently.
  • Mainly focusing on his business, Liberty Jane Clothing, for his examples in the book.
  • Instagram is the first application that was solely created for the use of mobile.

Main Audience:

  • Small business owners, start-ups that market their services or products
  • People who have never used Instagram
  • For people who want to further enhance their knowledge of Instagram and adapt different marketing techniques to this idea.

Instagram vs. Other Social Media Platforms:


  • Easy to use, fast and efficient way to get your message across to your audience.
  • Visual based instead of text based.
  • Creates a “tribe” through the use of hashtags
  • Followers creates a network of strong ties and also their followers would become latent ties as they could see what the followers liked on Instagram.
  • Photos are more long-lasting in comparison to texts.

Other Social Media Platforms:

  • Text based
  • Requires a lot of time to manage the account and maintain the connections with the “likers”
  • Constantly update and upload new items, otherwise “likers” would not be exposed to the brand.
  • Ephemeral

Topics and Concepts adapted from #csmt13:

  • Affective labor: making people feel good about the company
  • Mediamultiplexity: strong/weak/latent ties
  • Frontstage & Backstage: According to @mrjasonmiles, Instagram should be a backstage performance because it can show the audience from an “insider’s view” – Goffman
  • Identity and Performance
  • Attention Economy – Tufecki
  • Microcelebrity: Using strategies for themselves, drawing the attention for themselves – Tufecki
  • Reiteration: Hashtag usages – Papacharissi

Changes that this book can make:

  • Could also incorporate the use and help of Third Party applications such as Webstagram for marketers to effectively monitor their company’s Instagram.
  • Many companies now use different incentives to attract followers. Maybe the book could mention about this practice.
  • I would like to see that the book would focus less on Liberty Jane Company, but instead use the analysis and focus them on different company’s Instagram and how they employ these tactics that @mrjasonmiles mentions.

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