“How To NOT Suck At Social Media” Notes

Malcom McCutcheon gives an extremely basic background on social media and the different types of SNS’ that are at our disposal. He gives examples from his own company as well as hints and suggestions for businesses to follow when they are trying to build their brands on these various modes of social media. I understood that the writing was geared towards the older, less tech-savvy individuals who own businesses with very weak social media presences; that audience would probably have found this information insightful, helpful, and a way to jump-start growing a social media presence. Perhaps adding more details and more helpful hints for business owners to really “not suck” at social media could be added to any revised edition of the book. Most of the information is extremely basic and not so helpful because what was given were things that are common knowledge to the most of us.

  • Social media should be used for networking, not marketing
  • Goals: to not suck, engage with current and prospective customers, to build tribe, network
  • Must get to know followers and engage with them in order to build relationships with them that will ultimately benefit you in the long run
  • Different social media websites mentioned: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (notes that Google+ is extremely important and every business should have one), YouTube, Pinterest (I believe that only if your business is highly visual, Pinterest is really of no use because it is mainly photos; may not apply to all businesses), Instagram, Yelp
  • Weak ties are made through customers/fans liking, commenting, etc on various social media accounts
  • “Take genuine interest in the people who choose to follow you” – creating relationships with people often will lead to loyalty than if tweets or comments are simply ignored because the company doesn’t care about its customers
  • Online networking and online interactions are usually inauthentic because of disembodiment
  • Post frequently but don’t over do – agree with this completely because no one enjoys going through the same company/business/person’s photos in a row; important to post sparingly with interesting photos, etc in order to keep audiences interested and not annoyed

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