“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” NOTES!!


While reading this book, I feel as if the author approaches social media from the perspective of someone who has never read about or used social media. It’s a very simple, basic guide in creating a social media presence. However, I feel that this book is past its prime. It would’ve been exteremly successful if released at the upstart of social media, instead of in the deep of the social media craze. This is because most people who are searching for a book about it probably already know how to form a site and instead want to see a book about the affordances and features of social media.


-Teach readers how to successfuly promote a business/campaign to a mass audience on social media

-Takes a social constructionism approach

-How to wield social media to conform to the desires of the businesses

-Not about the affordances of social media

-Didn’t talk about the affordances of social media

-Would’ve liked to know what specific features on Facebook can be used


-Older “60-70” year old audience

-Very basic

-Not much detail on branding or advertising

-Just instructions on setup

-The target audience wasn’t going to be on social media anyway



-On a very basic level

-Doesn’t take a scholarly approach

-Free labor


-Instructing individuals to sign up, he’s adding to the pool of social media

-People think they’re experts when they’re not

-Because social media has become so intuitive

-Social ties

-Be friends with the cosnumer instead of bothering them with deals

-He talked about having the strong ties

-Have a reciprocal relationship with your consumer

-Doesn’t talk about social capital

-Cashing in on social capital for business

-Building up relationships, but then leaves off what to do after you already have a relationship with the consumer

-Not really for big brands, but for small ones that don’t really need an online presence

-Doesn’t talk about targeting specific people

-Social media doesn’t work if you’re not aligned with the correct people

-How to find these people?

-Should add a part about data-mining or at least aligning yourself with people with similar interests

-I think a good addition to this would be something about memes or the viral nature of marketing

-Doesn’t talk about how to advertise once you’re already on social media

-A page doesn’t bring in people, advertisements do

-Would be interesting to show pointers on how to create successful viral marketing to attract people to your facebook page


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