“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” Notes


McCutcheon, Malcom (2013-10-16). How To NOT Suck At Social Media – A Beginner’s Guide For Businesses (Kindle Location 176). Bossa Nova Interactive. Kindle Edition.

This is a book for business owners new to social media. It introduces the basic principles of engaging customers on social media sites, and useful tools to manage multiple social network outlets at the same time.

Social media is not marketing channels, but networking channels.

  • What sucks: impersonal, spammy, sleazy, lazy (110)
  •  AT&T Case Study: imappropriate commercial behavior, insensitivity to tragic event

 Social behavior/norms offline applies to online too

  • online social behavior long existed in offline world, online norms as extension of the            offline behavior
  •  “Businesses using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media services must follow much of the same rules applied in real-world” socializing.


1. To not suck

2. To engage with your current and prospective customers

3. To build your “tribe”

4. To network

1 Not to Suck

  • “Social media is all about building relationships. Having a dialogue with your followers like they are actual people. Because they are people, with real feelings and emotions that definitely influence who they do business with or what they choose to read on the internet.”
  • Social media is inevitable, customer reviews exist no matter whether brand drives/directs the conversation
  • A proactive approach is better than being passive and defensive

2. Engage with your current and prospective customers

  • broad definition of customer: anyone interested in your business/blog/cause
  • treat customers as friends, not only for selling products
  • Attitude: be polite and interested in what they have to say
  • Bring value that benefit them

3. Build your “Tribe”

  • including: friends, acquaintance
  • interactivity between business and customers: retweet, like, comment
  • drive conversation and discussion that interest customers

Major Social Media Outlets for Marketers

  • Basic setting up and functionality introduction
  • Create different brand identity on different platforms


Twitter:Pick names easy to verbalize name , recognizable, memorable

Google + Google apps:Offers domain, email, spam protection, exchange, cloud space

  • Google:local listing (physically existing servie, ites in google map;+1s, user review affect serach engine rankings

LinkedIn:for professional connection not personal profile

Pinterest: most indirect marketing method

  • boards, pins related to the business but not necessarily the service and product
  • creating connections through interest no selling

Instagram:A sneak peak into the people behind the tweets…

Yelp:collect review for local business


1. Separate the person from the business/ blogger  

2.     Never use the hard-sell  

3.     Show interest in your followers  

4.     Bring value to your followers  

5.     Share just a little bit of you, the person  

6.     Post frequently, but don’t overdo it

A. Not to promote across business/personal account

  • prevent promoting business/product on personal network and vise versa
  • remain neutral about religion, political party (unless part of the business plan), avoid controversial topics
  • create conversational engagement
  • form relationship and ultimately lead to success

B.Show  Interest in followers

  • listen to what customers have to say
  • interactivity: like, comment, retweet

C. Bring value to followers

  • offers relevant news
  • comment on trendy topic

D. Get a little bit personal

E. Post frequently

  • 1-2 times a day on each platform
  • constantly finding new stories that interests the followers
  • RSS Tool: Feedly, Buffer, Flipboard, Hootsuite



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