Instagram Power: Jason G. Miles 

Overarching Points/Ideas

  • Marketer’s guide on how to use Instagram effectively in incorporating into business strategy
  • Includes general 101 for Instagram
  • Draws from his own company (Liberty Jane Clothing) for experience

Common Themes

  • Backstage versus Frontstage (Goffman): discusses the importance of showing the backstage of the company to followers to bring them in and thus create a more personal touch to the brand
  • Simplicity: “that simplicity of focus has real power”
  • [major theme] Attention economy (Shifman): attention is a valuable resource and thus, success/value is measured by how many followers, likes, comments on user’s profile
  • Immaterial labor (Terranova): creates cultural content of products via Instagram
  • Focus on images: It’s not profile-centric, such as Facebook; it’s about the visual content

Purposeful Points of Instagram

  • Significantly less effort than Facebook; no need to deeply engage with users and fans
  • Half-life quality of YouTube (longevity) but immediacy of Twitter
  • The endless possibilities of being as impacting as other SNSs but with less ‘effort’ –> visual content is key


  • Catered towards companies with little online presence; made for small companies that are seeking to gain a name in the Instagram + online world
  • Older generation; not for young adults / teens / college students


  • New video feature on Instagram; how will that alter things for companies? What are predictions that will occur? How can it be effectively used for marketing strategies?
  • A focus also on non-product companies (i.e. celebrities, microcelebrities, bloggers)
  • How to grow your online presence not as a company but even as an individual
  • Going deeper into Instagram itself rather than the general 101s and how to use it in a company-based setting
  • A focus more on the main Instagram audience (teens/young adults)








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