“Instagram Power” Notes

Main Points

  • Highlighting strategies for making the most of Instagram’s technological affordances
  • Focuses on small businesses: how to develop a following
  • Creating an identifiable brand through Instagram
  • Advertising through photos/telling a visual story
  • Marketing a company through social media
  • How to get more followers (Instagram is a numbers game)
  • 5-10-20 test: does selling on social media match your business model?


  • Focuses on brands, not people
  • Not targeted towards large businesses that have a following but instead to small ones that need to create an audience
  • Aimed towards the inept social media user (very step by step and manual-esque)
  • Specific to businesses with tangible, physical products

Overarching Themes

  • We live in a world of technology so advertising is changing
  • Learning how to utilize social media for business purposes
  • Engaging customers on a visual level
  • Media multiplexity (people engage differently on Instagram than on FB and Twitter)
  • Mixed discourses (social shaping, technological determinism)
  • Instagram as a Public Relations tool: companies now have control of their own reputation and brand representation
  • Building interest through images
  • Social media etiquette: don’t overpost, be selective with what you do post
  • Interactivity is important – comment and like other peoples’ content

Power of Photos

  • How shareable is a photo?
  • 12 common buying triggers: emotions that should be incited when viewing a photo (love, urgency, etc).
  • Relatable photos are the most successful

Jason G. Miles

  • Best selling author
  • Blogger at marketingonpinterest.com
  • Co-founder & marketer at Liberty Jane Clothing
  • Vice President For Advancement (Marketing, Development & Human Resources) at Northwest University
  • Also author of Pinterest Power
  • 2176 Twitter Followers
  • 3735 Pinterest Followers

One comment

  1. […] maintained on a variety of platforms. While Instagram marketing is the sole purpose of the book, Saad, Ray, Nicolas, Michelle, and I noticed Miles repeatedly stressed the importance of media […]

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