Instagram Power Notes


  • Ch. 3 – Hashtags

    • research trends in your industry

    • even in a niche, there are concepts and trends

    • hashtags can often be used against you, or nightmare readers

  • Ch.4 – 5-10-20 test

    • more than 5 customers?

    • more than 10 products in the short term?

    • 20% premium or more?

  • Instagram compared to other social media platforms

    • vs. FB p. 42

    • vs. Youtube p. 43

    • vs. Pinterest p. 44

    • vs. Twitter p.45

  • Ch. 5 -Who to follow

    • follow 40-50 people at first, wait a few days, and see who follows you back.

    • like images and comment, but be strategic. being social on instagram via a business account means you should interact with images that won’t be considered creepy.

    • getting followers and following others falls into a practice of context collapse to an extent, where you as a business owner need to post visually attractive images that relate to your product and at the same time stay within that identity while liking or commenting on other people’s photos.

  • Ch. 8 – Dos and don’ts

    • upload high quality photos

    • try to get 1000 followers as quickly as you can

    • create an emotional bond with the customer

      • love, desire, involvement / ownership, justifying the purchase, desire to belong, desire to collect, curiosity, storytelling, greed, urgency, instant gratification, exclusivity

      • engage people motion ally and shape their responses. use selling triggers and be sincere. take time to build your fans and audience.

    • self branding: building a brand means putting out a strong performance that is marketable, and making it not only coherent but authentic as well.

  • Ch. 10 – Branding on Instagram

    • positive and negative perceptions: some people will have no knowledge, some will have positive perceptions, some negative, and others mixed.

    • create a personality or story for your brand.

    • Instagram is a great platform as a marketing tool, “free and easy to use, where you can present your product to hundreds or thousands of people, and spend very little time doing it”

      • can be seen as a type of free labor, where users create cultural context through images and hashtags. Especially true for small business owners, who probably run their instagram page for their company.

      • production & consumption, Instagram incorporates both

      • could tie in to affective labor– many business instagrams are used to portray a positive light about their companies, to have a connection or relationship through images.

  • Ch. 11 – Display Ads

    • humor is always a good tactic. Simplicity and a strong visual are just as important, especially on a mobile device.

    • ad campaigns & media multiplexity: some brands could create an ad and post it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to create coherent advertising across platforms and enhance the image of that brand.

  • Ch. 12 – AIDA

    • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

    • On Instagram, making a sale or getting a lead is the two step process.

      • Attention: good way of doing this is showing behind-the-scenes, or images of things in-the-making. This use of Goffman’s backstage is prominent, and grabs people’s attention. This could lead to Desire, where the user wants to service or product, and ideally act on that desire. This could be due to a want to update or add to their “ front stage” image as well.

        • Very correlated with Celebrity & attention economy, where we use attention as a measure of value. the more likes, comments on a photo, the more other people highly regard it.

    • Integrated visual products: probably don’t just want to use Instagram as the only launch platform for your brand. Post the photo on all social media sites (more multiplexity).

      • goal is to use every social platform for highest and best use– kind of see Instagram as an enhancer for an existing campaign or a platform that leads to other platforms.

  • Initial thoughts:

    • Could be helpful for small business owners who have a niche company or product, but at the same time still very vague, and only describes basic strategies for marketing. He doesn’t go in-depth about tactics, very vague descriptions. He does touch upon marketing strategies, but in a way that is very introductory.  

    • talks about humor, quality photos, but doesn’t describe how. At the same time it is difficult to actually talk about how to do these things because something like humor is intangible and varies according to the person. People could have different perceptions to what quality photos are.

    • good description of various platforms and tools that could help enhance an instagram account.

    • Instagram Power is a follow up to his first book Pinterest Power, maybe to add to his credibility?

    • lack of audience, didn’t mention target audience.

    • geared to an older audience who may not be as tech-saavy


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