Instagram Power Notes


Ch. 1—The Mobile Native

  • · August 2013, Instagram passed Twitter in number of daily active users
  • · Over 50% of top brands use Instagram
    • Ex: Ben & Jerry’s, ask customers to interact with their Instagram by uploading and hashtagging pictures
    • · Mobile devices are the “new place to be” in the “marketing battlefield” (3).
    • · Marketing becomes very straight forward and direct with platforms like Instagram
    • · Instagram is the first social network “built specifically to work on a mobile device”
      • Is a “mobile native”
      • “functionality all resides on mobile devices” (4)
      • · The function of Instagram is simply to share photos, there is power in this simplicity (5)
      • · Social media standard behaviors that are used when engaging with an image
        • Liking
        • Commenting
        • Sharing
        • · Instagram restrictions
          • No clickable URL in description
          • No editing description once picture is uploaded
          • No clickable URL in comments section
          • Cannot share an image you like with your followers
          • · Initial marketing strategy for Liberty Jane
            • 1) Sharing pictures behind-the-scenes style
            • 2) Used Instagram as a “visual product launch” (11)
            • 3) Instagram interactive contests
            • 4) Integrated Instagram into other websites and social media sites
            • 5) Explored/used hashtags
            • · The Instagram Advantage
              • “Works flawlessly on mobile phones”
              • Is “social media lite”—not conversation based
              • Longer shelf life for content

Ch. 2—Get Clicking on Instagram

  • · Guides the readers on how to download IG off the app store and make an account
    • Aided by graphics
    • · Provides a marketers view of the terms of service
      • Warns businesses to be mindful of the word choice in the TOS
        • Like ownership rights, mention (or lack thereof) of contests, advertising terms, copyright infringement
        • · Describes how to navigate through IG with screenshots of the different tabs
        • · Provides a tutorial on how to modify your IG image
        • · Even mentions the websites version of your IG account
          • Allows for website integration

Ch. 3—Hashtags: Organizing a Chaotic World

  • · Defines in depth what a hashtag is and what it provides to users
  • · Leveraging the hashtag system
    • Can create and use them creatively for your business
    • Use them to reach trends in your niche
    • Use them to partake in conversations within your niche
    • Can identify new prospects
    • Can share images with larger group of people
    • · Provides a brief history of hashtags for context
    • · Explains the technicalities of using hashtags
      • Auto-fill once you type it out
      • Categorizes images
      • · Guidelines to use when creating a hashtag
        • Be brief
        • Make it memorable and easily understood
        • Original, not already in use
        • No inclusion of another company’s brand or product
        • Remember you cannot control its use
        • · Promotes researching trending hashtags in your niche
        • · Provides a hashtag definition site
        • · Cautionary tales like the #McDStories
          • Follows them with some “lessons learned” that reiterate his main guidelines
          • · List of Dos and Don’ts (pg 35)

Ch. 4—An Instagram Marketing Plan

  • · “Should I Use Instagram” Test
    • Do you engage with more than 5 customers? Do you plan to release more than 10 products in the short term? Could you add a premium price point of 20% or more? If yes, then yes
    • · Compares IG with other social media sites, FB, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, according to 4 factors
      • Time and energy required
      • Follower expectations
      • Half-life of content
      • Virality
      • · Marketing plan
        • The anchor—well crafted profile
        • The offer—having existing customers find and follow you on IG
        • The visual curator—sharing images followers will appreciate
        • Chemical x—whatever makes your IG standout

Ch. 5—The Social Network Hiding Inside Instagram

  • · Not a very conversational culture
  • · Based on real time sharing
  • · Number of followers is a social status issue
  • · It is vital for a customer to find you on IG because their friends will be exposed to your brand
  • · Describes the groups of people you should follow in order to get more followers, and how to not look like a spammer
  • · Instructs on how to like images
    • “you will add hundreds if not thousands of followers if you faithfully like pictures every day” (57).
    • · Can also gain followers by leaving comments
    • · Guide to have a “laserlike” focus on IG, everday…
      • Post 2-3 pictures
      • Follow 40 people
      • Like 100 pictures
      • Unfollow 20 people who are not following you

Ch. 6—Catalysts for Growth

  • · 1,000+ followers means credibility, at least for Miles
  • · Catalyst 1—a new service for existing customers
  • · Catalyst 2—social action
    • Basic social behaviors
    • · Catalyst 3—high quality images
      • Provides guidelines for good images (pg 67)
      • · Negative catalysts
        • Bad profile presentation and poorly chosen images


  • · The Liberty Jane Instagram profile is underwhelming.
    • He states in the marketing techniques that a business should post 2-3 pictures daily, while the Liberty Jane IG account doesn’t do that and has skipped a few days and not posted anything
    •  172 posts is very low for a brand
    • · Jason Miles’ bio section on his Instagram is also a bit odd
      • “I’m an author, publisher, and entrepreneur … I teach marketing at Northwest University…I cofounded Liberty Jane Clothing. Love to Kayak. Follow?”
        • The fact that he requested followers in his bio doesn’t come off very well
  • His validity as an Instagram authority is questionable
  • · It felt like Instagram for beginners
  • · Case studies and examples felt weak and repetitive
  • · Definitely targeted towards an older generation 


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