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Social Media and Public Relations Review

To be successful in any industry it is important to be aware of new trends and be able to implement new practices in order to remain current and relevant. In the book Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional, Deirdre K. Breakenridgeargues that the social media has completely transformed PR, […]

Book Review: social media and public relations eight new practices for the pr professional

Book’s purpose/argument: This book teaches PR professionals the importance of social media to public relations and the 8 main ways PR professionals can use PR to assist businesses. How do you think the approach of your book’s author can be understood in terms of Baym’s four major social discourses of new technology?:  Baym’s four major social […]

Mastery of Media: Being Famous for Nothing

In todays media culture there are dozens and dozens of ways a person can become a celebrity. From blogging to posting videos on YouTube, the opportunities are endless, and few require the skill and talent once required to become a recognizable celebrity. As Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd explain in their study “To See and […]

Romantic Relations in a Digital Age

Love can be characterized by a wide gamut of emotions. Love can be anything from incredibly beautiful to vicious and violent. And then there is this whole other kind of love known as young love. These are the first few relationships early on that teach us the real meaning of love and why finding love so […]

I’m not insensitive, I just don’t care

Before you get carried away, I’m not a cold-hearted, uncaring, mean, ogre.  Let me elaborate on what exactly I don’t care about. I wanted to share with you all my personal social media pet peeve! My biggest social media pet peeve is when my friends post Facebook statuses once, or more times a day and say […]