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Social Media and Public Relations Book Review

Deirdre Breakenridge‘s “Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional” offers many helpful tips and tools to those seeking enlightenment in the ever-changing field of PR in the online world. In writing the book, the author hopes to assist the average public relations professional to change their previously-held views of communication […]

Social Media and Public Relations Notes

Main argument/Purpose- Breakenridge’s book promotes the use of social media in public relations and teaches the average social media user and PR professional why they should be familiar with certain media platforms to use for business. How do you think the approach of your book’s author can be understood in terms of Baym’s 4 major […]

Tyler, the Creator’s Stream of Consciousness

Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known by his stage name, “Tyler, The Creator”, is a popular rap artist and music producer, most famous for his involvement in and leadership of the notorious rap collective “Odd Future”. Tyler and his merry band of fellow rappers and skateboarders are well-known for their outlandish behavior and envelope-pushing performances. Odd […]

Are Your “Strong Ties” Getting Weaker?

Two weeks ago, my classmate Christine Perez Soler blogged about her biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media- the “Seen At…” feature in Facebook chat. Christine critiqued Facebook’s addition to their messaging tool, arguing that it forces the user into uncomfortable situations, taking away the ability to “leisurely read messages without the added […]

The Misappropriation of the .gif file

To be honest, I wasn’t even actively thinking of ideas for my first blog post until this one hit me. I was perusing my Facebook feed (as I’m likely to do on a Thursday night when I should be doing homework) and I came upon a link to an article posted by one of my […]