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Social Media Happened.

When my group, D2i, was to choose one book on social media out of a collection of some best-sellers, we were very eager to read something that would help us in our pursuit of a possible career in public relations, something that we would learn from and find useful. After finding a book that reduced […]

Social Media & Public Relations- NOTES

Notes on Social Media and Public Relations by Dierdre Breakenridge BEFORE WE BEGIN –> USING ACTIVITY SHEET AS A GENERAL GUIDE THROUGH THE WHOLE BOOK Brief Summary of the Book’s Purpose/Argument: Meant to help a company plan and organize their PR and social media strategy now that social media makes such a big part in […]

Nothing to say, lurkers ??!

When it comes to my social media presence, specifically on Facebook, I definitely control my activity and my profile to display myself in a specific way. I also always make sure to establish a consistency between my offline and online identities and to express myself as an open, adventurous, and interesting person. I’ve always thought […]

I Mastered My Profile & Found My Prince Charming

  Online dating is the second most popular way to meet other people, according to Amy Webb, a digital strategist and writer of Data, a Love Story, who talks about her online love story on TedTalk. Her talk, titled “How I Hacked Online Dating”, is about her discovery of a way to beat the algorithm […]

How to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes

Ever looked at your Facebook news feed and saw a status or a picture that was clearly screaming “PLEASE GIVE ME ATTENTION AND LIKE MY POST!”? Ever felt like you had no friends because only your mom and your boyfriend liked your profile picture? Well you’re not alone, and it’s obvious. “Liking” posts on Facebook The […]