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Social Media and Public Relations: Book Review

Whether you’re a “young professional entering the work force of a seasoned practitioner” in the field of Public Relations, Social Media and Public Relations by Deirdre K. Breakenridge is practical resource for helping PR pro’s begin to adopt the usage of social media into their practice in order to enhance their client’s online presence in […]

Social Media and Public Relations: Notes

Target Imagined audience: The already established PR professional that needs to learn how to adopt social media technology into their businesses in order to keep up with communications in today’s society. A guidebook from a business perspective.   Relationship analyzer  “A strategic practice that digs into the psychographics of people based on like-mindedness and common […]

Sexting through Snapchat

When new communications technology emerges, there is usually a social fear that arises with it: “Watching television will corrupt your mind!” “Sleeping next to your cell phone will cause cancer!” “Quick and easy access to search engines on the Internet will shorten your attention span!” (quoted from author) These dystopian deterministic fears are common and […]

Ellen DeGeneres: Personal, Yet Professional

  While, Ellen DeGeneres is considered an actress, she is most famous for her role as a comedian and talk show host for her self-titled talk show, Ellen. Ellen is hilarious (or at least I think so) and much of her personality shines through during her show, therefore, the audience may feel familiar with her […]

FOMO in Young Adults

College; A time to gain knowledge, to explore new identities, to learn to be independent…and party! Come one, don’t act like partying isn’t at the top of most students’ weekend ‘to-do lists.’ The weekend rolls around and all everyone’s thinking about is how much they want to leave the past week of work behind them […]

Hot Dog Legs

Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and I love the beach. I can even handle the cheesy sunset photos because you know what, they’re pretty and scenic and I like to pretend that I’m right there on that beach with you. I can EVEN scroll by a picture of you and your friends hanging […]