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Leaving New York for Miami

For this assignment, I decided to change the education information on my Facebook profile to make it seem like I would be transferring to University of Miami for the coming spring semester.  I only let my roommate and my mother know what was going on beforehand so it wouldn’t cause any issues going forward.  Because […]

Online Dating: URL vs. IRL

With the increasing saturation of sociable media in society, the stigma (or perhaps initial feeling of revulsion) surrounding online dating is beginning to fade. What’s more is that online dating sites have a reached a point of sophistication that self-proclaimed data nerds are even enticed to hack them. In fact, award-winning journalist and digital strategist Amy […]

Social Networked Birthdays

In an article titled The Socially Networked Birthday from the Huffington Post, author Rachel Levy Lesser discusses what it means to have a birthday on social media.  Lesser states, “Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg (or the Winklevoss twins, depending on which way you see it), birthdays have become a strange stroll down memory lane for so […]