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Jenna Marbles: Modern Feminist?

  Chances are, if you are part of Generation Y, you know who Jenna Marbles is. She has become one of the most well-known Youtube personalities over the past few years.  Her real name is Jenna Mourey, and her dogs (who often make appearances) are named Kermit and Marbles.  Jenna Marbles posts a variety of […]

A Very Vocal Deadmau5

What better way to express your (sometimes unpopular) opinions than to post them up using 140 characters to your very own Twitter page? Many celebrities and high-profile individuals use Twitter in order to communicate with fans, promote their shows or product, or to simply express themselves. These social networking sites (SNSs) that have been popping up left […]

She’s Sexy & She Knows it

Does everyone remember that breakout summer hit Blurred Lines? If you need a reminder, Robin Thicke asked what rhymed with “hug me” and they had two versions of the music video including an unrated version in which the three girl stars wore close to no clothing. One of the female stars is a standout and can be identified […]

If I am Miley, can I still be heterosexy?

If we think about the top celebrities who have an extremely active and popular online presence, one of the names, I guarantee, would be the infamous, the notorious, one and only, Miley Cyrus. According to New York Daily News, Miley is one of America’s worst role models; according to Daily Mail, Cyrus is the worst […]

Ellen DeGeneres: Personal, Yet Professional

  While, Ellen DeGeneres is considered an actress, she is most famous for her role as a comedian and talk show host for her self-titled talk show, Ellen. Ellen is hilarious (or at least I think so) and much of her personality shines through during her show, therefore, the audience may feel familiar with her […]

Are you a Belieber?

I’ve never really understood the Justin Bieber fan frenzy, so I thought I’d look to Twitter for some critical insight. First thing I did was look at his Twitter bio, which told me that  “#MusicMondays is in full effect”. I had no idea what that hastag meant, so I looked it up. Basically it’s just […]

Birth of a Billion-Dollar Boy Band

The Beach Boys. The Beatles. N’Sync. The Backstreet Boys. What follows this suit of world-famous boy bands? Whether you’re an fan or not, the answer is universally known: it’s One Direction. In just three years since their debut on The UK X-Factor’s 7th season, 1D has broken hundreds of records, won countless awards, collected millions […]