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“Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practies for the PR Professional”

In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, the importance of the online world in relation to business has becoming undeniable. With new plans of merging the world of social media with the world of business, professionals look to experts for prescriptions on how to successful integrate new age tactics within traditionally structured model. […]

A Critical Review: Instagram Power

In his book, Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with the Power of Pictures, Jason Miles attempts to teach readers how to use Instagram as a business marketing tool. While its title solely points to Instagram marketing, Miles’ social media manual focuses on more than just that. Packed into the 234 pages, […]

“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” Book Review

Malcom McCutcheon‘s How to NOT Suck at Social Media is sort of a ‘how-to’ book intended to help new or older businesses older businesses, who do not have a social media presence, with their entrance into the social media world and guide them on “marketing” their business without really marketing. It’s clear McCutcheon aims to teach […]

How to Not Suck at Social Media Book Review

In the past decade, social media has transformed into an integral part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are just a student looking to make friends, a fan looking to receive updates about their idol, or a celebrity looking to reach out to fans, social media has been domesticated, as Nancy Baym puts it. While its […]

How to NOT Suck on Social Media Book Reveiw

“How to Not Suck at Social Media — a Beginner’s Guide for Business” is a brief introduction to basic social media conduct, tactics, and principles of usage, intended for business owners who just start to establish their social media presence. The author is Malcom McCutcheon, the owner of a digital marketing consultancy called Bossa Nova […]

Instagram Power- Book Review

[photo taken from AMA] As I scroll through my Instagram, I’m forced to skim through an abundance of selfies, snapshots of last night’s dinner, and photos of an airplane wing as people travel back home for Thanksgiving break. However, what catches my eye is a post from Uniqlo (@uniqlousa), which hints at great deals on […]

Book Review: “How to NOT Suck at Social Media”

“How to NOT Suck at Social Media,” written by Malcom McCutcheon, is a brief e-book meant to guide business owners in using social media as a means of enhancing their business practices. Before diving into the contents of the book, knowing a bit about the author allows for a better understanding of his purpose. McCutcheon, […]