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Lea Michele: Grieving Publicly

In 2009, a groundbreaking musical television drama premiered on FOX and quickly captured the attention of millions. This new show, “Glee”, attracted many viewers and sparked the formation of a very passionate audience. It was, for all intents and purposes, a phenomenon. At the center of this phenomenon was the star of the show, Lea […]

“@celebrity please follow me? I am your biggest fan!”

As a constant user of Twitter, I follow many different celebrities, news outlets, and other users whom are friends that I know in the offline world. I am always interested in what celebrities are posting on Twitter because the tweets can vary from their current mood to their support for certain human rights. Since I […]

Beyonce Didn’t Notice Your Post

              There is no better platform for people to show how celebrity obsessed they are than social media.  I suppose before social media, people showed their dying support for a celebrity by writing them letters and fan mail, which took some time and money.  However, now that social media is a major part of […]