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Paris Is No Longer Burning

BEFORE            Photo © Red Light District Video Actually, I haven’t even thought about Paris Hilton in quite a long time.  As I scan through music on various apps, her current song, Good Time, featuring Lil’ Wayne, continues to find its way in rotation as of lately.  Think of Malibu Barbie® teaming up […]

Taylor Swift: America’s Girl Next Door

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus. Which of these is not like the rest? The answer? Taylor Swift. There is a stark contrast between Taylor Swift and the rest of her fellow songstresses listed above.  Yes, each of these artists are obviously different in personality and music style, but the true difference lies in […]

Trump Should Be Fired From Twitter

Most likely, a person will follow a Twitter user because their tweets are clever, informative, and worthwhile. Other times, a person may follow a user because their tweets are moronically entertaining. In the case of Donald Trump, it seems to be the latter. Trump is not just a run of the mill wealthy business man or […]

Keeping up with BadGalRiri

Social media gives hope to people, I would include myself in this group, that they can establish more personal relationships with celebrities. We live in a celebrity culture where some celebrities maintain certain power due to the immense fan club they possess.  It is thus crucial for each celebrity to carefully present herself through social […]