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Leaving New York for Miami

For this assignment, I decided to change the education information on my Facebook profile to make it seem like I would be transferring to University of Miami for the coming spring semester.  I only let my roommate and my mother know what was going on beforehand so it wouldn’t cause any issues going forward.  Because […]

A Tribute to Dad

In an article posted by New York Magazine titled The Microfame Game, Rex Sorgatz outlines 8 steps to becoming “micro-famous”: Self Publish Stylize Over share Respond Ally Diversify Create a controversy Persist We can think of Sorgatz’s micro-fame as a variation of what it means to be a “micro-celebrity”, which according to Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd is […]

Social Media Manners

Social Media Manners Mary M. Mitchell’s article “Friending the boss on Facebook: Fun of foolish?” discusses what we look like online, and how to give off a good impression.  First impressions are very important online and offline.  It is no longer enough to be a “people person” offline; we must be able to correspond well […]

Keeping it PG.

I immediately start to sweat as that haunting, red notification flag pops up in the corner of my Facebook. This can only mean one thing. My uncle has just seen the photo of me from that party I went to last night. After commenting that I’m “too young for this behavior,” he proceeds to attack […]

What Does Your Twitter Bio Say About You?

According to the New York Times article, Twitter Bios and What They Really Say, what a person writes in their Twitter bio actually say a lot about them.  Author Teddy Wayne says, “The Twitter bio is a postmodern art form, an opportunity in 160 characters or fewer to cleverly synopsize one’s professional and personal accomplishments, […]

‘Foodie’ is a stupid word so stop using it as an excuse to take your camera-phone out in a restaurant to share what you’re eating with the world. Thanks!

Whether it’s the elitist Frenchman or the cynical born-and-raised New Yorker in me, if there is one thing that pops to mind when I think of this assignment, it is the part that user generated photos on social media platforms, play in the destruction of the restaurant experience. My Social Media pet peeve behavior is […]