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Ellen DeGeneres: Personal, Yet Professional

  While, Ellen DeGeneres is considered an actress, she is most famous for her role as a comedian and talk show host for her self-titled talk show, Ellen. Ellen is hilarious (or at least I think so) and much of her personality shines through during her show, therefore, the audience may feel familiar with her […]

Leaving New York for Miami

For this assignment, I decided to change the education information on my Facebook profile to make it seem like I would be transferring to University of Miami for the coming spring semester.  I only let my roommate and my mother know what was going on beforehand so it wouldn’t cause any issues going forward.  Because […]

You Are [Not] What You Post

I will be vulnerable with CSMT, because I guarantee that at least 75% of the class will guiltily resonate with what I am about to confess. But that’s okay, because we’re all part of the norm. On various occasions (not on every profile picture or status update, I promise), I have written captions for photos and […]