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2013: embrace your sexiness #NOT

Most teenagers are currently in a state where they can be characterized as “media obsessed”. I would place myself in this category since I use many types of media platforms throughout the day. Media multiplexity, a term found in Nancy Bayms book Personal Connections in the Digital Age is really common for me since I rely […]

She’s Sexy & She Knows it

Does everyone remember that breakout summer hit Blurred Lines? If you need a reminder, Robin Thicke asked what rhymed with “hug me” and they had two versions of the music video including an unrated version in which the three girl stars wore close to no clothing. One of the female stars is a standout and can be identified […]

If I am Miley, can I still be heterosexy?

If we think about the top celebrities who have an extremely active and popular online presence, one of the names, I guarantee, would be the infamous, the notorious, one and only, Miley Cyrus. According to New York Daily News, Miley is one of America’s worst role models; according to Daily Mail, Cyrus is the worst […]

Backdoor Teen Mom: HeteroseXXXy Gone Wrong (NSFW)

“I can’t believe the one time I have sex in the past year has turned into this #UNREAL” Ever since her first appearance on MTV’s Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham has become an instant tabloid celebrity. Most recently, Farrah has been in the media for her sex tape released by Vivid Entertainment, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” staring opposite […]

Doing it For the Fans: Selena Gomez Performs on Instagram

Child stars have always been put under scrutiny, but today with social media, it is harder than ever for these former tween celebs to develop into mature performers.  Now, in addition to having paparazzi follow them around throughout their adolescence, child stars also have to perform through social media sites to thoroughly maintain their celebrity […]