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“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” Book Review

Malcom McCutcheon‘s How to NOT Suck at Social Media is sort of a ‘how-to’ book intended to help new or older businesses older businesses, who do not have a social media presence, with their entrance into the social media world and guide them on “marketing” their business without really marketing. It’s clear McCutcheon aims to teach […]

How to NOT Suck at Social Media Book Review

Malcom McCutcheon‘s book, How to NOT Suck at Social Media – A Beginner’s Guide for Businesses, is a guide for small businesses to best utilize social media to their benefit. He says that businesses suck at social media because these businesses are the ones are late-adopters and use social media as a means of marketing […]

Book Review: How to NOT Suck at Social Media

How to NOT Suck at Social Media- A Beginner’s Guide for Businesses and Bloggers by Malcom McCutcheon is a guide that explains how businesses should manage their social media on different social media platforms. McCutcheon also emphasizes how businesses should keep separate their personal profiles and those of their actual businesses. This book is most likely aimed […]

Google Could Have Told You This For Free: How to NOT Suck at Social Media BOOK REVIEW

How to NOT Suck at Social Media by Malcom McCutcheon was published just last month, October 2013. By 2010, Twitter users were sending 50 million tweets per day. While some might say the majority of the population of the world was not fully immersed in social media networking, I would say Google definitely had it […]

“How to Not Suck at Social Media” — Malcolm McCutcheon [REVIEW]

In Malcolm McCutcheon’s book “How Not to Suck at Social Media,” the short and rudimentary guide to starting up one’s social media accounts for one’s small businesses or even one’s self brand was quite deceiving from the glance of its the bold title of the book. The premise of the book followed similar narratives of […]

Thoughts On: How to not suck at social media

It has been most interesting to experience the development of social media for the past decade or so. Now nearing the end of 2013, we only see a rise in use and development of features as well as booming sites, apps all trying to serve a purpose: to provide a platform for social community and […]

“How to NOT Suck at Social Media” NOTES!!

@joeytrutyNYU While reading this book, I feel as if the author approaches social media from the perspective of someone who has never read about or used social media. It’s a very simple, basic guide in creating a social media presence. However, I feel that this book is past its prime. It would’ve been exteremly successful […]