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SUCKS TO SUCK (How to NOT Suck at Social Media Book Review)

The good old adage don’t judge a book by its cover aptly applies to the book How to NOT Suck at Social Media albeit with reverse effects because while the cover and title might lead the reader to believe that this book does not suck, one can make a strong argument for the contrary. Suck may […]


How to NOT suck at social media by Malcolm McCutcheon Notes The author takes what he calls a guide that attempts to address four goals he will address and in doing so he reduces it’s importance by only covering the surface of what it is to be a business on social media. The goals read […]

Review Notes: How to not SUCK at Social Media

Before saying anything negative about Malcolm McCutcheon’s How to NOT Suck at Social Media, I will say I blame my disappointment on my high and misconstrued expectations. The book looks to target 34-55 year olds looking to either start their own business or to re-vamp their already established business by implementing these new social media […]