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If I am Miley, can I still be heterosexy?

If we think about the top celebrities who have an extremely active and popular online presence, one of the names, I guarantee, would be the infamous, the notorious, one and only, Miley Cyrus. According to New York Daily News, Miley is one of America’s worst role models; according to Daily Mail, Cyrus is the worst […]

Online Dating: URL vs. IRL

With the increasing saturation of sociable media in society, the stigma (or perhaps initial feeling of revulsion) surrounding online dating is beginning to fade. What’s more is that online dating sites have a reached a point of sophistication that self-proclaimed data nerds are even enticed to hack them. In fact, award-winning journalist and digital strategist Amy […]

FOMO in Young Adults

College; A time to gain knowledge, to explore new identities, to learn to be independent…and party! Come one, don’t act like partying isn’t at the top of most students’ weekend ‘to-do lists.’ The weekend rolls around and all everyone’s thinking about is how much they want to leave the past week of work behind them […]