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A Critical Review: Instagram Power

In his book, Instagram Power: Build Your Brand and Reach More Customers with the Power of Pictures, Jason Miles attempts to teach readers how to use Instagram as a business marketing tool. While its title solely points to Instagram marketing, Miles’ social media manual focuses on more than just that. Packed into the 234 pages, […]

Instagram Power- Book Review

[photo taken from AMA] As I scroll through my Instagram, I’m forced to skim through an abundance of selfies, snapshots of last night’s dinner, and photos of an airplane wing as people travel back home for Thanksgiving break. However, what catches my eye is a post from Uniqlo (@uniqlousa), which hints at great deals on […]

Book Review: Instagram Power

       Instagram Power, an instructive how-to book written by Jason Miles, provides a guide for small business owners on how to best utilize Instagram to promote one’s business and increase one’s client base. Just this year Instagram passed Twitter in the number of daily active users, and is even utilized by over 50% […]

A Snapshot of Instagram

The digital world is ever-changing. The expression “15 minutes of fame” does not just apply to people any more, but to social network sites (Ellison & Boyd, Sociality Through Social Network Sites) as well. All you Millennials out there, remember MySpace from middle school? Remember when blogging platforms like LiveJournal and WordPress were overshadowed by the more media-centric microblogging SNSs Tumblr and Twitter? The same […]

“Instagram Power” Notes

Main Points Highlighting strategies for making the most of Instagram’s technological affordances Focuses on small businesses: how to develop a following Creating an identifiable brand through Instagram Advertising through photos/telling a visual story Marketing a company through social media How to get more followers (Instagram is a numbers game) 5-10-20 test: does selling on social […]

Instagram Power Notes

@skybouchard Book: Instagram Power by Jason G. Miles Overall point:  Highlights instagram as a marketing tool for companies and shows how to incorporate instagram into social media strategy How to build your brand through a strictly mobile, visual social media application Teach users the basics of Instagram and how to use them strategically Shows this through […]

Instagram Power Notes

Background of the Book: Jason Miles, co-author of Pinterest Power Twitter Handle of Author: @mrjasonmiles Focuses on how business and companies could use Instagram to market and promote their brands more efficiently. Mainly focusing on his business, Liberty Jane Clothing, for his examples in the book. Instagram is the first application that was solely created […]