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Teresa Giudice – Curated Online Reality

Teresa Giudice – infamous reality TV star, Italian-jersey girl, and possible federally charged criminal all wrapped up in to one. Teresa first fell into the public eye when she was cast on Bravo’s hit television show “Real Housewives of New Jersey” debuting May 12, 2009. Teresa quickly became a fan favorite with her quirky personality, […]

“Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practies for the PR Professional”

In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, the importance of the online world in relation to business has becoming undeniable. With new plans of merging the world of social media with the world of business, professionals look to experts for prescriptions on how to successful integrate new age tactics within traditionally structured model. […]

Ke$ha’s Individualism Shines

As most of you probably know, Ke$ha is that singer/songwriter who is known for her glitter, her innovative colorful hair, her songs that revolve around party antics and drinking, and her support of individuality and diversity. She has become an icon of self-acceptance for our generation. Through her vulgar songs, her MTV show “My Crazy […]

A Tribute to Dad

In an article posted by New York Magazine titled The Microfame Game, Rex Sorgatz outlines 8 steps to becoming “micro-famous”: Self Publish Stylize Over share Respond Ally Diversify Create a controversy Persist We can think of Sorgatz’s micro-fame as a variation of what it means to be a “micro-celebrity”, which according to Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd is […]

Using Social Media to Express Our Thoughts on Death

Social media is a curious thing: while social media users constantly blame it for ruining relationships between one another, they also praise it for bringing them closer with people whom they may have least expected to form some kind of relationship with. This may just be the case for the social media users in “How Social […]

A Break Down of the Social Break Up

Jackson Street, in his charming article “9 Helpful Ways to Handle a Breakup on Social Media”, breaks down the thought process of a emotional teen, moments after a break up, which may include urges to post nasty updates to the world. Having carefully analyzed the full blown effects of the social network universe, he advises […]

FOMO in Young Adults

College; A time to gain knowledge, to explore new identities, to learn to be independent…and party! Come one, don’t act like partying isn’t at the top of most students’ weekend ‘to-do lists.’ The weekend rolls around and all everyone’s thinking about is how much they want to leave the past week of work behind them […]