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How to Get a Lot of Facebook Likes

Ever looked at your Facebook news feed and saw a status or a picture that was clearly screaming “PLEASE GIVE ME ATTENTION AND LIKE MY POST!”? Ever felt like you had no friends because only your mom and your boyfriend liked your profile picture? Well you’re not alone, and it’s obvious. “Liking” posts on Facebook The […]


LOOK AT ME!!! No matter how shy a person is online or offline, everyone likes a little attention.  It never hurts to have everyone saying they like your outfit, how good you look tonight, or how much they loved your presentation in class.  Most people do not directly ask for the attention in person, but […]

Share this if you love your grandma!!!

Okay, just in case you actually had the intentions of sharing this post because you love your Grandmother, please don’t. This headline is an example of my intolerable social media pet peeve. It makes me want to bang my head on my desk while questioning the future of mankind if this is what our generation […]