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Fourth (optional) Blog Prompt

In the second half of the semester, we are covering a variety of phenomena that strongly relate to current events and public discussions (e.g. youth media use, sexting, cyberbullying, hate speech, political memes, privacy and surveillance, etc.). Obviously, our readings were written before the events and discussions that we are seeing currently in the news. […]

Third Blog Prompt

For this post, you may choose one of two options: Option 1: Make some drastic changes in your social media presence on one specific platform. For example, you might change your profile information, the way you present yourself in your photos, the style/content of your status updates, and so on. After making these changes, keep […]

Second Blog Prompt

Your second blog post should reflect on the contemporary popular discourse around online social networking, with a focus on social ties and/or self-presentation. As a starting point for your post, find a recent (within the last month) example from popular media discourse (e.g. a blog post, a magazine article, a tv clip, etc.). These are some hypothetical example articles. You could […]

Crossing the Line: Why Saying “Go Kill Yourself” is NOT Funny

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the phrase “Haters Gonna Hate”, but when do “haters” cross the line? Haters come in many varieties, most famously those who are jealous of the success of a celebrity or other well-known figure. The  Internet troller, a kind of hater, likes to constantly post inappropriate or nasty comments in order […]

Welcome & First Blog Prompt

Hello and welcome to Social Media Networking, or, as I like to call it, Culture and Social Media Technologies! Your first assignment is a warm-up to get you thinking about cultural practices and norms around social media networking. The prompt question is, What is your social media pet peeve, the online behavior that annoys you […]