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Leaving New York for Miami

For this assignment, I decided to change the education information on my Facebook profile to make it seem like I would be transferring to University of Miami for the coming spring semester.  I only let my roommate and my mother know what was going on beforehand so it wouldn’t cause any issues going forward.  Because […]

P(S)DA: Please Stop Displaying Affection

You’re walking down St. Mark’s Place, and you see a couple bickering. Do you a) stop, stare, and listen to what they’re fighting about or b) quickly walk away? Obviously, you’re going to b) quickly walk away. At the same time, the couple probably should not be fighting about their problems on the street, especially […]

The Culture of DDA (Digital Displays of Affection)

As I scrolled through my Twitter feed this morning, I came across a number of tweets from news outlets reporting that Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend (fiance?) were officially over. “FIND OUT WHY HERE!” the tweets would exclaim. Out of curiosity – and, shamefully, slight interest – I clicked through one of the links to […]