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Social Media and Public Relations Notes

Main argument/Purpose- Breakenridge’s book promotes the use of social media in public relations and teaches the average social media user and PR professional why they should be familiar with certain media platforms to use for business. How do you think the approach of your book’s author can be understood in terms of Baym’s 4 major […]

Social Media and Public Relations NOTES

What Public Relations is about: Handling communications in the public spotlight Be a propelling force, leading the charge, a change agent Influence what others are saying about the company through talking to media, customer and consumer Be informed on all fronts Identify, manage and guide all communication over the internet and through social media channels […]

Social Media And Public Relations Notes

Summary: The purpose of the book is to help those already within the field of PR make the transition from a traditional method to a modern one, structured around social media. The book aims to enhance the readers skills and practices based on the technological environment that governs communication today. -An expertise is expected but […]

Instagram Power Notes

  Ch. 1—The Mobile Native · August 2013, Instagram passed Twitter in number of daily active users · Over 50% of top brands use Instagram Ex: Ben & Jerry’s, ask customers to interact with their Instagram by uploading and hashtagging pictures · Mobile devices are the “new place to be” in the “marketing battlefield” (3). […]

“Social Media and Public Relations” book notes

SOCIAL MEDIA AND PUBLIC RELATIONS, Breakenridge PR PRACTICE #1: THE PR POLICYMAKER -helps the company, employees, public join conversations the right way and engage in a safe environment created for learning and sharing (Trolls, Philipps) -getting ready for policy development: social media audit to identify any challenges or problems within a brands current program/ helps […]

Social Media and Public Relations (notes)

#1: PR POLICYMAKER Knows crucial part of comm. Process includes SM policy development and maintenance #2: THE INTERNAL COLLABOARATION GENERATOR Appreciates internal social media collaboration Imperative to work across departments (PR, advertising, marketing, HR, IT, Legal, Sales, etc) #3: THE PR TECHNOLOGY TESTER Uses tech. strategically for peer-peer communication Knowledgeable and up on the latest […]

Instagram Power Notes

  Ch. 3 – Hashtags research trends in your industry even in a niche, there are concepts and trends hashtags can often be used against you, or nightmare readers Ch.4 – 5-10-20 test more than 5 customers? more than 10 products in the short term? 20% premium or more? Instagram compared to other social media […]