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Selfie, the Self I See

With a few quick taps on a screen, I get my iPhone front facing camera on me. I study my image for a few seconds to assess my face—do I look tired, how’s my skin, is my eyeliner still okay, how is the lighting—before making the appropriate adjustments. For Asians like myself, it’s always best […]

Selfies in the Online and Offline Community

Mirror photos and arm length self-taken photos are our generation’s most common forms of self portraits, largely because technology and social media have become more accessible to the general population. We can create these “selfies” at almost any moment of the day through almost any devices—cellphone, laptop, tablets, etc. Furthermore, the technological affordances, which are […]

Serial Selfie-Takers

I just got a haircut—selfie. Look at my makeup today—selfie. Waiting for class to start—selfie. Everyone, please validate my appearance by liking this picture of myself that is identical to the other 50 selfies I’ve posted this month—selfie. I really love Instagram as an image sharing social network site, but I just can’t handle overindulgent […]

Excuse Me- Your Caption is Irrelevant to Your Picture

As soon as I woke up this morning, I instinctively reached for my phone conveniently placed near my head (no, this is not good for your health). Immediately I checked Instagram to see how many pictures were uploaded within the span that I had fallen asleep and woken up. Not surprisingly, there were not many […]