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Sexting through Snapchat

When new communications technology emerges, there is usually a social fear that arises with it: “Watching television will corrupt your mind!” “Sleeping next to your cell phone will cause cancer!” “Quick and easy access to search engines on the Internet will shorten your attention span!” (quoted from author) These dystopian deterministic fears are common and […]

A taste of who we are…

Whether it is a selfie, your view, your dog, your mom 2o years back, your car, the meal you just had or about to have, or even just something cool… What we post on Instagram, is so more than just an image… In his article Social Network Profiles as Taste Performances, Hugo Liu talks about […]

Extended Snaps

Snapchat has rose to its popular usage amongst young adults due to the idea of sending an image that is ephemeral and will not be saved into the recipient’s photo album. However, when the recipient screenshots the image, the sender would also be notified that their image has been captured. This allows the sender to know whether or not […]