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Social Media Happened.

When my group, D2i, was to choose one book on social media out of a collection of some best-sellers, we were very eager to read something that would help us in our pursuit of a possible career in public relations, something that we would learn from and find useful. After finding a book that reduced […]

Social Media and Public Relations – Book Review

In “Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices For the PR Professional”, PR professional and CEO of Pure Performance Communications Deirdre K. Breakenridge offers eight practices for public relations professionals on how to succeed in raising awareness for their various brands and how to engage with customers through the use of social media. These eight practices […]

Social Media and Public Relations Afterthoughts

While reading Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional by Deirdre Breakenridge, my mind wandered to the broken-down, home-spun and nearly extinct businesses that I’ve worked at throughout the years.  Why?  The reason is that these businesses, who had little or no public relations departments, would have greatly benefitted from the structure […]

Get with the Social Media

  The book Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional by Deidre K. Breakenridge does not leave much room for the imagination. Given the step-by-step layout of the book the reader is firmly held by the hand as they are guided into the world of PR 2.0, which now lives […]

Social Media Policy is Comin’ to Town…

Sorry, now that it’s past Thanksgiving, I couldn’t resist the holiday pun… It’s been a crazy couple years in the PR industry. While we millennials were preoccupied domesticating the newest technology, PR companies got the rug pulled out from under them with the rise of social media. Or so I learned at my summer internship. […]

Social Media And Public Relations Notes

Summary: The purpose of the book is to help those already within the field of PR make the transition from a traditional method to a modern one, structured around social media. The book aims to enhance the readers skills and practices based on the technological environment that governs communication today. -An expertise is expected but […]

Social Media & Public Relations- NOTES

Notes on Social Media and Public Relations by Dierdre Breakenridge BEFORE WE BEGIN –> USING ACTIVITY SHEET AS A GENERAL GUIDE THROUGH THE WHOLE BOOK Brief Summary of the Book’s Purpose/Argument: Meant to help a company plan and organize their PR and social media strategy now that social media makes such a big part in […]