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“Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practies for the PR Professional”

In a world that is becoming increasingly more digital, the importance of the online world in relation to business has becoming undeniable. With new plans of merging the world of social media with the world of business, professionals look to experts for prescriptions on how to successful integrate new age tactics within traditionally structured model. […]

How to Not Suck at Social Media Book Review

In the past decade, social media has transformed into an integral part of everyone’s lives. Whether you are just a student looking to make friends, a fan looking to receive updates about their idol, or a celebrity looking to reach out to fans, social media has been domesticated, as Nancy Baym puts it. While its […]

Book Review: “How to NOT Suck at Social Media”

“How to NOT Suck at Social Media,” written by Malcom McCutcheon, is a brief e-book meant to guide business owners in using social media as a means of enhancing their business practices. Before diving into the contents of the book, knowing a bit about the author allows for a better understanding of his purpose. McCutcheon, […]

Social Media and Public Relations Book Review

Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional by Deirdre K. Breakenridge Social media has become a big field in the business world.  Companies are now realizing that if they want to get their name out there, than they need to be online.  Younger generations have domesticated technologies causing PR companies […]

Get with the Social Media

  The book Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional by Deidre K. Breakenridge does not leave much room for the imagination. Given the step-by-step layout of the book the reader is firmly held by the hand as they are guided into the world of PR 2.0, which now lives […]

“How To NOT Suck At Social Media” Book Review

In Malcom McCutcheon’s book, How To NOT Suck At Social Media, the author delves into the many different social media platforms, in hope that business owners will use such outlets in order to improve their brand image and success with consumers.  McCutcheon cleverly breaks down the onset of the book into different goals, which creates […]

How to Use Social Media for Beginners

How To Not Suck at Social Media: A Beginner’s Guide for Businesses by Malcom McCutcheon is a book of tips for small businesses about how to best use social media for business purposes.  McCutcheon hopes to help businesses best use social media through his four goals and six key tactics.  However, the book lacks some […]