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How to NOT Suck on Social Media Book Reveiw

“How to Not Suck at Social Media — a Beginner’s Guide for Business” is a brief introduction to basic social media conduct, tactics, and principles of usage, intended for business owners who just start to establish their social media presence. The author is Malcom McCutcheon, the owner of a digital marketing consultancy called Bossa Nova […]

Miley VS Kanye: The Art of Self-Construction

In 2011, when Alice Marwick and Danah Boyd’s “To Seen and Be Seen: Celebrity practice on Twitter” was published, Twitter was a space that was still fairly premature. With 175 million users in 2011, though only about half that amount following 2 or more people , the social media platform was only just beginning to […]

A Very Vocal Deadmau5

What better way to express your (sometimes unpopular) opinions than to post them up using 140 characters to your very own Twitter page? Many celebrities and high-profile individuals use Twitter in order to communicate with fans, promote their shows or product, or to simply express themselves. These social networking sites (SNSs) that have been popping up left […]

Are you a Belieber?

I’ve never really understood the Justin Bieber fan frenzy, so I thought I’d look to Twitter for some critical insight. First thing I did was look at his Twitter bio, which told me that  “#MusicMondays is in full effect”. I had no idea what that hastag meant, so I looked it up. Basically it’s just […]

She’s Just Being Miley

She’s Just Being Miley Miley Ray Cyrus has been a hot topic ever since her controversial VMA performance.  She’s gone from Disney pop star to twerk queen, but she definitely isn’t afraid of a little change, or a little tongue.  She is confident with her body and new sound.  Miley’s new look and new attitude […]

“I Love the Way”…You Favorite All My Tweets

If you don’t know who she is by now, you may at least be able to recall her as that wide-eyed, redheaded girl on Nickelodeon. Her character exhibits quirkiness and her dimples never fail to follow up with her cheeky smile… but yeah, you get the point. Despite the fact that she is not yet […]

Taylor Swift: America’s Girl Next Door

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus. Which of these is not like the rest? The answer? Taylor Swift. There is a stark contrast between Taylor Swift and the rest of her fellow songstresses listed above.  Yes, each of these artists are obviously different in personality and music style, but the true difference lies in […]