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Ke$ha’s Individualism Shines

As most of you probably know, Ke$ha is that singer/songwriter who is known for her glitter, her innovative colorful hair, her songs that revolve around party antics and drinking, and her support of individuality and diversity. She has become an icon of self-acceptance for our generation. Through her vulgar songs, her MTV show “My Crazy […]

The Great Pretender

In Charlotte Alter‘s article for Time magazine, she discusses the findings of a study published by the University of Pennsylvania regarding the type of language different genders use on Facebook. The researchers conducting the study was interested in finding out whether computer analysis of the type of language used on Facebook statuses could reveal the […]

FOMO in Young Adults

College; A time to gain knowledge, to explore new identities, to learn to be independent…and party! Come one, don’t act like partying isn’t at the top of most students’ weekend ‘to-do lists.’ The weekend rolls around and all everyone’s thinking about is how much they want to leave the past week of work behind them […]